Hoza keyless D flute recording

Keyless wooden flutes by Mark Hoza, AustraliaIt’s time to add some sound files to my website!

I’m a maker much more than a player, so please forgive me for not playing better. In this video I effort to demonstrate the tonal characteristics of my flutes using my phone to record. Please, listen beyond the mistakes and the moderate sound quality to hear the flute. I will get sound files of better players playing my flutes at some point, but for now I have my phone and myself with a YouTube account!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mark Hoza

2 thoughts on “Hoza keyless D flute recording

  • When you have time it would be nice to see a time-lapse video of you making a flute to get a glimpse of your process! You could make an example flute for the video and give it to me!! 😉

    Otherwise good job on your webpage so far! Did you code it yourself? id=”pagination” lol! 🙂

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