7 June 2016

D Flute 3 joint short foot model

I have been making very few flutes in recent years, but am now working full time on flutes again.

To order either of these flutes place an order for a 3 joint flute in the store and specify which of these that you want during checkout in the order comments field.

3 Joint D Flute with Two Head Joints for the same price:

I have one 3 joint, d flute without rings nor tuning slide in the short foot design available for immediate sale that also has a second, shorter head joint pitched at A=446Hz when closed.  The longer head joint is pitched at A=442Hz when closed.  This flute is available for the same price as the normal 3 joint flutes, so you end up with a bonus head joint for playing at a higher pitch, which can be very handy when playing with higher than normal pitched instruments.

3 Joint D Flute in the Short Foot Design:

I am finishing construction of another 3 joint, d flute without rings nor tuning slide in the short foot design available this week that is pitched at the normal A=442Hz when closed.

28 April 2016

Watch “Mark Hoza’s Kything Flutes” on YouTube


9 May 2011

Hoza keyless D flute recording

Keyless wooden flutes by Mark Hoza, AustraliaIt’s time to add some sound files to my website!

I’m a maker much more than a player, so please forgive me for not playing better. In this video I effort to demonstrate the tonal characteristics of my flutes using my phone to record. Please, listen beyond the mistakes and the moderate sound quality to hear the flute. I will get sound files of better players playing my flutes at some point, but for now I have my phone and myself with a YouTube account!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mark Hoza