D Flutes

Hoza-flutes-makers-mark2Wooden, keyless D flutes / Irish style flutes, ideal for playing traditional Irish/Celtic music.

Keyless D flute, 2 joints, without rings

“Prattens Perfected” Large hole/large bore flute:

Partly modelled after a Prattens Perfected flute, with some necessary modifications to improve stability and to accommodate a short foot design.  This model has a notably strong, reedy tone, with a hard low-D.  I normally arc the toneholes slightly so that the reach is more ergonomically friendly.  I can make the toneholes in a straight line when requested.

I have developed my reputation with this model.  I have made small changes over the years and consider this my own design “after a Prattens Perfected” to give credit to the original basic design source.

Tuning Slides

Flutes without tuning slides can be tuned to some degree with the tenon-socket joint.  They are tuned to A-440Hz with the head joint pulled out about 2mm, in order to allow for some sharpening (to about A-445Hz when the flute is warm).  I make the tenon about 35mm long to allow for some flattening.  A tuning slide is recommended if you expect to play with others on a regular basis.

I am now offering a brass/acetal tuning slide on my flutes.  Click here to find out more about this tuning slide option:  Tuning Slides
[I need to rebuild https://www.woodenflutemaker.com/tuning-slides/ as I had a website crash and haven’t yet re-created the page.]

Crown and Stopper Design

I use a Robert Bigio style stopper and end cap design (with his permission).  I use a Delrin/o-ring stopper with a ring turned on the face and a small hole in the end cap, thereby creating a resonance chamber in the north end of the headjoint.  I also make my flutes with a taller than normal chimney, sometimes with over-cutting on the far side of the embouchure and a recess under the chin.  I find that I can get a more responsive flute with these modifications.  I effort to make the flute’s tone strong while also giving enough resistance so that it can be driven hard when desired.

Prices current as at 18 June 2019:

“Hoza Flute” design based on a Prattens Perfected flute:

(Tuning slide not available on flutes without rings.)

Click here to find out more about my tuning slides. [https://www.woodenflutemaker.com/tuning-slides/ is currently off-line.  I need to rebuild it and then will fix this link here.]

  • Add USD $30 for regular air mail (10-15 days) to the US.
  • Add USD $50 for International Courier shipping (2-5 days) to the US.
  • Add USD $20 for shipping within Australia.
  • 10% GST is included on Australian orders.
This is my tuning slide design, but with the old maker’s mark.
My new maker’s mark for Mark Hoza’s Kything Flutes

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