My quenas use a tapered bore to help with intonation throughout the full range.

Price List, as of 18 June 2019:

  • Add USD $30 for regular air mail (10-14 days) to most countries outside of Australia.
  • Add USD $50 for International Courier shipping (2-5 days) to most countries outside of Australia.
  • Add USD $20 for shipping within Australia.
  • 10% GST is included for Australian orders.

7 thought on “G-Quenas”

  1. Hello, I have visited https://woodenflutemaker.com and saw one of the G flutes (or Quenas as we call them in South America), anyway the thing is ¿How can I get one of this flutes? and ¿Do you have any catalogue or something to watch? well this is all for now, please send me a complete information about it.thanks good bye.

    Andres Burgos Guzman

    1. Hola Andres,

      I have one G Quena in stock. I don’t have much information on these as I don’t work to promote them actively. I don’t have an any videos for them either because I am not a great player! Also, I only very recently worked out how to get video uploaded to the net and have not found that the sound quality of my recordings has been very good.

      If you like we can connect by skype and I can play one for you some. Would that be nice for you? Alternatively, I am also able to telephone you if you don’t work with skype.

      I can work to get a video up if on the website if that is better for you. It needs to be done for the quenas as well as for the other flutes and headjoints. I would feel much better about this if I was a better player than I am. I am working to make some recordings with one of my local clients so that the flutes are better represented by audio files shared.

      I look forward to connecting with you by voice if that works out. I will email you my details.


  2. Hello I listened the sound of a D flute on your website. Even though, the recording is not the best, the sound of the flute as itself is great, well I want to know if the sound of the Quena is quite the same ( the quality of the sound I mean) because I am really interested about getting one of your Quenas. Could you let me know all the details related with payment and delivery to Colombia? Thanks.

    Andres Burgos Guzman

  3. Hello Andres!

    I will work to get a recording of a quena for you. I have one available for sale. The details on this website are accurate and current. The price to Columbia is the international shipping price. You can pay by PayPal or normal credit card.

    If you use Skype I am willing to speak with you via Skype and play it for you. My Skype name is markhoza. I am also willing to call you if you like. It’s a bit hard to describe the sound. I can play one for you and you can see if it sounds ok for what you want.


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    1. hello I bought one of your Quenas, Do you have a fingering chart of the model you make? because there are about the fingering notes as far as I Have realized, the if you have the fingering chart could you send me a PDF file please thanks


      1. Hello Andres, I’m working on my website and found your comment here. If you see this reply, did I end up giving you a fingering chart? I intend to get my fingering charts onto the site now that I’m doing an update. If you still need one please contact me by email or here. I’ll be attending to this website more now that I’m actively working on flutes again. Cheers, Mark

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