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  1. Welcome to Mark Hoza’s Kything Flutes.

    I am working to re-build my website after losing the contents of it accidentally. Rather than trying to restore it to original I am choosing to create new content and a fresh, up to date website that is reflective of where I am at with my work.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see available on my website.


    Mark Hoza

  2. Hi, just been checking out your site, it’s pretty nice as it is in my opinion, I like the simplicity of it. However, I have not heard of you on any of flute forum. Your flutes look fantastic, you need to get yourself out there and advertise.
    I am currently in the process of making promotional videos and am travelling across the world come Feb to get some amazing landscape and astonomy shots. If you are interested in having a professional promotional video made for your site, please let me know. I have been eyeing up a few wooden flutes for a while so If you would like to come to some arrangement I would be happy to make something special for you. Kind regards, Dan

    1. Hey Dan, I wasn’t really watching comments back when you wrote your comment. How did your trip go? Where did you end up? Did you come to Australia? I haven’t been making flutes full time for a few years, but am back at it now and getting this site updated. All the best, Mark

  3. Hello Mark!

    I play in medieval folk-rock music band. You can see our website . I am flutist and I would like to have wooden flute instead of my metal flute to be more “medieval” . Please, can you advice me which one would be the best for me and what is the price?? I would like to have flute with the same touches as my current flute.

    Thank you very much!


    1. Hello Lenka!

      Forgive me, but I only just saw your comment amongst the hundreds of spam comments. I need to do something about spam comments so that I don’t get so many. Any way, the wooden headjoints are good for you. I would suggest the thick wall model headjiont to look more like a midieval flute, but I do prefer the look and feel of the thinned headjionts. The sound character will be most influenced by how I cut the embouchure. I would make it to suit your use.

      If you already have one what headjoint did you choose? How is it going for you?


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