Kything-Flutes-Mark-Hoza-makers-markWelcome to Mark Hoza’s Kything Flutes!

Mark Hoza makes hand crafted wood headjoints for concert flutes and wooden keyless D flutes.

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Let me know if you’d like to have me make your next flute for you!


Mark Hoza

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  1. Listened to your interview on World Puja and wanted to see if you have heard of water flowforms. They are part of the vast work of Rudolf Steiner. They are physical structures/sculptures that move water in various patterns to swirl in energies and oxygen. He has used them to cleanse animal runoff ponds and to mix fertilizer into water for use on plants. Not just useful, they are beautiful.
    Here are the most useful websites I’ve found of the subject http://livingwaterflowforms.com/ and http://www.healingwaterinstitute.net

    1. Hi Abby,

      Not only have I heard of flow forms and Rudolf Steiner, but I have studied Steiner for many years and am good friends with Iain Trousdell of New Zealand who is the guy behind Flow Forms and their use in many fields!

      I’ll find his websites to post here. I’m on my mobile, and am not in a great position to do this right now.

      Thank you for your comments. And keep in touch if you feel so inspired.


    2. Fantastic!! I just checked and see that your website suggestions are my friend Iain Trousdell’s websites!!!

      That’s just super.

      Any one interested in working with water would do well to contact Iain. He is doing fantastic work.

      Thanks for the smile!


  2. I like the rich beautiful sound of a flute.I bought this little flute in Australia about a year ago. I have played it a lot.

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